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Fitness Rubber Flooring

If you're looking for rubber flooring, we've got it.

NexGen Systems offers a variety of recycled rubber fitness flooring options for both home and commercial use. Trusted by schools, universities, fitness centers, weight rooms, aerobics centers, workout areas, athletic clubs, gyms, and more, NexGen Systems delivers safe, durable, and effective flooring solutions to meet your exact specifications. Our recycled rubber fitness flooring reduces spots, marking, and the damage from the impact of free weights. It absorbs shock, secures and cushions expensive exercise machines, prevents wear and damage to existing flooring, and adds acosutical qualities to your workout environment.


Guardian™ Interlocking Flooring Systems





Guardian Flooring Systems™ are an industry standard for recycled rubber interlocking floor systems and can be utilized in wall-to-wall installations or as a stand-alone solution within a room.



SuperSport™ Fitness Equipment Mats





Specifically designed to protect your floor and fitness equipment.

Shok-Lok™ Rubber Noise & Vibration Solutions

Helps alleviate the problem of noise and vibration in a fitness room.

Survivor SportFloor™ - Rolls, Tiles & Mats


Extreme durability. Serious value. Available in rolls, tiles or mats, and an endless combination of colors.

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