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Playground Surfacing

Playground Rubber Pavers

Our Rubber Pavers are ideal for use in sidewalks, recreational and playground areas. The surfacing in new or any existing playground areas represent a critical component. Since close to 75% of playground accidents occur from falls. The use of proper surfacing must be taken very seriously.


In addition, proper access to persons with any type of physical or mental challenges requires a proper flooring. Not all products comply with the requirements of the A.D.A. (Americans with Disabilities Act).


Other surfacing products like sand, stones, and mulch can hide dangerous objects such as syringes, broken glass pieces, and needles. In addition, wood chip or mulch can become an ideal environment for fungus, which can cause health problems in children.

Product Specification


Rubber Pavers are manufactured with crumb rubber from disposed tires (SBR, Styrene Butadiene Rubber) and a weather resistance polyurethane polymer resin. During the molding process the top layer of the Rubber Pavers is pigmented with one of several color options such as: Black, Green, Gray and Red. Rubber Pavers are latex-free.


Each rubber pavers is molded in a hexagonal shape, 9-1/8 inches from flat to flat, and 2 inches of thickness. Two Rubber Pavers cover the area of one square foot.



  • Permeable Surface - Can Play Right After Rain

  • Environmental Friendly - Recycled Rubber, No Toxic Solvents

  • Manufactured with the Highest Standards

  • ASTM F-1292-04 Impact Attenuation - Ideal for Toddler's Playgrounds

  • ASTM F-1951-04 ADA Compliant - Complete Access to Wheelchairs

  • ASTM F-1951-99 Standard Specification for Impact Attenuation

    Drop height (at 23°C)        G-Max        HIC

    3 ft.                                       1285           25

    4 ft.                                       1567           99

    5 ft.                                       1891           205

    Optimum Drop Height: 4 ft.

  • ASTM D395-97 Compression set test

          Average Percentage of Compression Set: 7.65%

  • ASTM C67-94 Compressive strength

         Average Compressive Strength: 86 psi

  • ASTM D2240-86 Hardness

         Average Hardness (Shore “A” Durometer): 48

  • ASTM D2632-88 Resilience by vertical rebound

         Average Value: 33

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