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Industrial Rubber Flooring

Roof-Gard™ Pads

Compatible with single-ply or built-up roofing, Roof-Gard Pads can be used on all types of new or existing roofs to provide a safe, stable and maintenance-free walkway for access to air conditioning, solar panel systems, or water supply equipment.


Roof-Gard is non-porous and is not affected by freeze/thaw conditions. When attached to the roof, Roof-Gard stays in place. Proper spacing eliminates water damming. They are easily cut to conform around drain openings or other roof obstructions and can be spot sealed with an ordinary caulking gun, reducing both labor and adhesive costs.

Roof-Gard pads are available in three standard sizes: 

  • 4' x 6'

  • 2' x 6'

  • 3' x 4'


Three standard thicknesses:

  • 3/8"

  • 1/2"

  • 3/4"


Button mat surface or Diamond texture available in all sizes

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